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I have used the Scandinavian Weighted Blanket for a month and my sleep has improved. It is easier to fall asleep, but I also feel more recovered in the morning.
That is why I am delighted with my blanket. 🎉

Alberte Jensen
Sleeping much better

The best buy I have made this year!
The whole family was fighting about the first blanket, so I bought 3 more.
We have been so satisfied with it, and I feel it helps me relax after a long day at work.
Five stars from me🤩

Frederikke Bundgaard
So satisfied with the blanket!

The first night with the blanket, my 11-year-old daughter she slept all night (she usually wakes up a couple of times!)
Therefore, I could sleep peacefully.
I usually don't like sleeping with this kind of weight, but it is so soft and feels like a nice hug (as they say) 😍

Susanne Hjort Hansen
I will recommend it.

My husband bought a Scandinavian Weighted Blanket for me

My husband bought me a Scandinavian weighted blanket for our anniversary.
I have struggled a lot with my sleep and sleep quality. I will definitely recommend it.

Kristine Pedersen

Thanks for giving me the solution to all my sleeping issues. I have looked for a weighted blanket for a long time because I couldn't relax or sleep. The blanket was delivered quickly, in a nice case and bag!

Niels Andersen

I love the blanket. I have so much energy and wake up too often in the night, but since I got the blanket, I haven't had the same amount of awakenings, and I am falling asleep quicker.
My girlfriend tells me that I am now very calm while sleeping 👍🏻

Karsten F. Dahl
So satisfied!

Their products are going to change the world. Bought their weighted blanket and was thrilled. Bought the sleeping mask and am happy with it. Have now bought the hand braided weighted blanket and love it. The more people who buy the better. An absolutely fantastic company where the products live up 100 percent to their descriptions.

Their products will change the world

Our daughter loves her new weighted blanket in kids' size. She has unique needs and sleeps better with a blanket that "hugs" her. We have tried several times, but the weighted blanket from ScandinavianRest works better. We give the warmest recommendations from here 😃

Our daughter loves her new weighted blanket for kids.

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