Everything you need to know about weighted blankets

What is a weighted blanket?

How should it be used? What is the effect on sleep and well-being? Here we have collected everything worth knowing about our weighted blankets.

The feeling of a hug

What is a weighted blanket?

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The weight

The original weighted blanket

was designed to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Our weighted blanket is extremely soft and designed to provide comfort. The small glass marbles, which are sewn into the blanket's pockets, allow the weight to be distributed evenly and silently across your entire body. The weighted blanket can be a great help to those looking for a deeper and better sleep.

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It is also believed that the technique increases serotonin, which is a substance that the brain emits to create calmness. Serotonin is furthermore linked to other hormones creating happiness and reducing cortisol (the body's stress hormone). However, due to how difficult it is to measure, we cannot say with 100% certainty that it happens.

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We have produced blankets for +10 years. They are always assembled by hand to achieve the best quality. Our products are exclusively created with OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified materials. This means that we have used certified materials of the highest quality.