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Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
Scandinavian Weighted Blanket
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Scandinavian Weighted Blanket

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Get better sleep, reduce fatigue and wrap yourself in the silky hug of our original weighted bamboo blanket.

    Calms the nervous system and reduces teeming thoughts

    Antibacterial, antistatic, and hypoallergenic

    Temperature regulating: use the blanket all year

    Works with or without cover (European measurements)

    Environmentally friendly materials, and can be machine washed at 60°

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Your weighted blanket should, as a rule, weigh 10-12 % of your body weight. You can advantageously follow this chart, so that you choose the correct weight:

Users weight Weighted blanket
0 - 20 kg
3 kg Kids Weighted Blanket
20 kg - 55 kg 5 kg blanket
55 kg - 80 kg 7 kg blanket
80 kg + 9 kg blanket

Our weighted blanket for adults measures 140x200 cm, and it is available with a weight of 5, 7 and 9 kg. You can also get our 220 cm blanket, which measures 140x220 cm and weighs 7 and 9 kg.

Our weighted blanket can also be used for children. For that, we have a specific children's blanket that measures 100x150 cm and weighs 3 kg.

All of our blankets and covers can be washed in the washing machine. They can all be washed at 60 degrees and spun at low speed. In this way, you can achieve optimal hygiene.

Yes! In fact, children are among those, who achieve the best results from the use of weighted blankets, and the effect is incredibly well documented within this group. The most important thing is that the child can lift the blanket themselves. You can view our weighted blanket for children here!

Yes! Since the weight is distributed evenly over the whole body, pregnant women can also use the weighted weighted from Scandinavianrest. Numerous pregnant women experience great problems in finding a comfortable sleeping position. Fortunately, a weighted blanket can contribute to a calmer, more efficient sleep. If you want to read more about pregnant women and the use of weighted blankets, you can do so here.

A plethora of research exists regarding both weighted blankets, but also the underlying technique called "Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation" (DPTS). Here, we have highlighted some of the studies that conclude the positive effect of the use of weighted blankets on people.

The Swedish sleep researcher, Gaby Badre, studied the use of weighted blankets with the aim of reducing insomnia. In this study, it was generally concluded that a weighted blanket had a positive effect on the participants' sleep. The participants especially found it to be easier to calm down, and the study indicates that everyone experienced sleep with less movement and increased relaxation. (Source)

A master's thesis from Denmark found evidence of the effect of ball cushions in children with sensory-integrated problems. Here, the study concludes that a ball cushion could contribute to a better night's sleep, mood, and concentration. (Source)

In 2010, a study was published regarding the use of ball mattresses to treat sleep problems. The study concludes that the use of ball cushions is particularly relevant and effective especially regarding falling asleep faster. In children with ADHD, the study concludes that 20 % of the participants, who previously needed more than 30 minutes to fall asleep, were reduced to 0 %. In other words, all children with ADHD fell asleep in less than 30 minutes, just by using a ball cushion. (Source)

A study from 2008 investigated the therapeutic effect of deep tactile pressure stimulation using a weighted blanket. Here, the study found that 33 % had less EDA, 63 % experienced less anxiety, and 78 % preferred the weighted pillow as a means of calming down based on the 32 participants. (Source)

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