The Anti-Acne™ Silk Pillowcase

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The first silk pillowcase treated with silver, which is proven to remove 99.7 % of bacteria that irritate skin and hair.

    Safe for all skin types, ages, and free of chemicals

    Get results in 30 days

    Reduces acne, impurities, blackheads and dry skin

    Helps with split ends, knots and frizzy hair

    4.5x more breathable and cooler than cotton

Fabric: Mulberry Silk

Weight: 22 Momme

Treatment: Antibacterial silver ions

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1-3 days
100 Nights
Sleep guarantee
Danish design
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Is our silk pillowcases right for you?

Our pillowcases in mulberry silk are treated with silver ions, which reduce bacteria and give you the most optimal sleeping conditions.

Scandinavian Silk pillowcases

Natural material

Eliminates 99% of bacteria

Reduces split ends and friction on the hair

Reduces impurities and clogged pores

Danish design with a 30-day guarantee

Normal pillowcase

Natural material

Does not repel bacteria

Catches bacteria and creates impurities in the skin

Gives frizzy hair

No satisfaction guarantee

Breathable and silky soft

More breathable than cotton and linen
Softer than cotton and linen

The science behind the product

Bacteria are eliminated naturally
Fewer blocked pores and pimples

Yes, it actually works

+10.000 happy customers have chosen ScandinavianRest