Woven Weighted Blanket

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Get a pleasant and soothing effect regardless of the temperature - in style, and with the softest embrace.

    Hand Woven: 140x200 cm

    Multi-Climate Use

    No Ties, Shifting Weights or Beads

    Calms the nervous system

    Reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety

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The hand woven weighted blanket - designed to soothe in all temperatures

Finally, a hand woven weight blanket without a weight that slides around, and without stitching or glass balls exists. Its unique design and large surface means that it can soothe your whole body at the same time. The blanket can be used by anyone weighing more than 40 kg. As the blanket has holes in it, it does not trap the heat, which makes it extra easy to use regardless of the temperature. Use the blanket while you read a book, or as an extra blanket when you sleep.

A study of our weighted blankets has shown that...


experienced better sleep quality with ScandinavianRest


experienced less restlessness


recommends Scandinavian weighted blanket to their acquaintances

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"I used to have trouble falling asleep and waking up so many times during the night. Since getting my blanket, I have slept much deeper and fallen asleep faster. Say goodbye to waking up tired and grumpy!"

- Charlotte

Comfortable & Durable


Do you have difficulty sleeping or settling down? Then you will appreciate our original hand woven weighted blanket, which is designed to both improve sleep and reduce thoughts - at the same time that the blanket does not trap unnecessary heat.

Scandinavian hand woven weighted blanket is specially designed to give the same feeling as our other weighted blankets, just by being a blanket. The blanket is particularly suitable if you are always warm.

Our blanket is hand woven and has small holes making it ideal for use on both warm and cold nights. Or if you just want to relax while enjoying a movie or book. The weighted blanket's material is velvet fabric, which gives an extra comfortable and soft feeling when you lie underneath the blanket.


The blanket's unique structure and design in combination with the braided finish results in an extremely durable blanket. Our blanket is exclusively made with materials that are certified with OEKO-TEX standard 100. Consequently, you can be reassured that we only use materials of the highest quality.

The weighted blanket has no glass marbles, which means that the weight is distributed naturally within the fabric. This ensures that the blanket's weight is always correctly distributed in all situations.  The fact that our blanket is hand woven results in a unique finish, which contributes to achieving optimal durability and quality of the blanket. Thus, we feel convinced that you can use the product for several years.

Why our weighted blanket is like a dream

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